The volunteer community committee has been meeting to plan the 41st Thornhill Village Festival
 Canada 150 celebration

Saturday 16th September 2017
9:00 am to 4:30 pm

Booths are the core of the Festival.
The greater the variety, the more enjoyable the Day will be for visitors. 

Consider the Thornhill Village Festival as a location for your craft or organization’s booth.

There are booth spaces for Crafters, Community groups, Local businesses and politicians.
Check out the Registration Forms to the right-hand side.

More information will be available as plans develop.

What is the purpose of the Thornhill Village Festival?
The mission of the Thornhill Village Festival is to:
- foster community spirit,
- promote the heritage of old Thornhill, and
- provide a venue for the celebration of our community's diverse cultural traditions.

Does the Town of Thornhill run the Thornhill Village Festival?
No. Thornhill is a community not a municipality  In 1971 the Village of Thornhill was divided down Yonge Street between Markham and Vaughan.

Do Markham and Vaughan run the Thornhill Village Festival with our tax dollars?
No. The Thornhill Village Festival is organized by an all-volunteer community committee of about 20 persons. The Committee does receive grants from Markham and Vaughan, as do the other community festivals. The Thornhill Village Festival gratefully acknowledges the support it has received from City of Markham, City of Vaughan and York Region.

So ... Who pays for the Thornhill Village Festival?
There are three main sources of income for the Thornhill Village Festival:

Booth space fees (which vary between community, crafter and business classes)
Donations by visitors ... please help the Festival on Festival Day
Sponsors ... we are always looking for such

but also to be considered is the fact that ...
The work is done through hours of volunteering ... please consider helping the Festival in this way.

Forms are available to the right for Booths, Sponsors, and Volunteers

Who started the Thornhill Village Festival?
The Thornhill Village Festival is a project of The Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill (SPOHT) (www.thornhillhistoric.org) and is organized entirely by a community volunteer committee.
The Thornhill Village Festival was first organized in 1977 to bring the two parts of the divided community together and use Yonge St as a union rather than as a divider. It was also the Queen's Silver Jubilee Year.

While the Festival receives assistance from the local municipalities and sponsorship from businesses, it is an independent volunteer-run organization and relies on entrance revenue to cover operational costs.

We thank our sponsors for their generous support. Please visit our Sponsors page to view the full listing and to find out how you may support this event.

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