This is an example from 2017. The 2018 version will be posted as soon as the details are finalized.



Saturday, 16th September 2017                                
9.00 am to 4.30 pm


Colborne Street 

  Craft, Commercial Booths & Food vendors
-    Community Display Booths
-    11am:  Opening Ceremonies
-    11.30 am - 3.30 pm Jagger Tanner Band - TCC - (classic rock)
-    11.30 am - 3.30 pm York Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet
-    11.45 am - King’s Royal Yorkers (muskets)
-     2.30 pm - King’s Royal Yorkers (muskets)
-     roving the Festival from 11.30 am to 3.30 pm Erez & Jon (Latin, jazz, classical)

Colborne St / Church Lane (the corner by St Volodymyr’s) 

  Craft, Commercial Booths & Food vendors
-    Community Display Booths
-    Food and Tours at St Volodymyr’s Church
-    10 am Old Tyme Baking Contest judging
-    11 am - 3.30 pm Mosaic (country / fiddle)

Eliza Street (the cul-de-sac)

  Craft, Commercial Booths & Food vendors
-    Community Display Booths

Thornhill Summit Drive (eastern extension of Centre St)

-    Community Display Booths
-    Tzu Chi Free Chinese Medicine Consultation
-    Bodhi Meditation    (see below)     
-    Energy Bagua    (see below)
-    Petting Zoo
-    11.30 am - 3.30 pm  - TMT (funk jazz jam)

Holy Trinity Church (140 Brooke St)

10.30, 11.30 am, 12.30 pm - tour of Holy Trinity Church (built 1830)    (see below)
1 pm - Rachel Yoon, Choir & Music Director - organ recital   (see below)
1.30 pm  tour of Holy Trinity Church (built 1830)     (see below)
2 pm - Rachel Yoon, Choir & Music Director - organ recital    (see below)
2.30 pm - tour of Holy Trinity Church (built 1830)     (see below)
3 pm - Yorkminstrels Show Choir (Broadway etc)     (see below)

Festival HQ / First Aid is at the corner of  Yonge St / Thornhill Summit Dr

ADMISSION - a voluntary donation is requested

The Thornhill Village Festival is hosted by the not-for-profit Society for the Preservation of Historic Thornhill (SPOHT), and is organized by a committee of community volunteers.

Festival attendees are thanked for their support.


Yorkminstrels Show Choir

Join us for a selection of Broadway tunes and other favourites.
The choir will sing and dance for you, and get your feet tapping!
3:00 p.m. in the sanctuary at Holy TrinityTwo

Rachel Yoon’s Presentation

- Selections from The Four Seasons, Antonio Vivaldi (arr. by A. Ridout and C. Hand):
Composed for violin and orchestra, The Four Seasons is probably the best-known of Vivaldi’s
works. The work is based on four sonnets of seasons, and each season is musically expressed in
three movements. Today’s presentation is arrangements from 1st movement of “Spring”, 2nd
movement of “Summer, 1st movement of “Autumn”, and 2nd movement of “Winter”.
- Pièce Héroïque, Cesar Franck (1878):
This piece shows Franck’s symphonic approach to organ music composition and is written as a
rhapsody with two themes, ending with triumphant finale.
- “Danny Boy”, arr. S. Vann
This traditional Irish melody, also called “Londonderry Air”, is very well -known and the
beautiful tune is sung or played throughout the world.
- “Gabriel’s Oboe” from The Mission, Ennio Morricone:
“Gabriel’s Oboe” is from the soundtrack of the film, The Mission (dir. R. Joffe’). The tune was
used for the song “Nella Fantasia” , which has been popularly sung and recorded by many
- Two selections from Suite Gothique, Leon Boellmann (1895):
Boellmann is a French composer and mainly known for his organ music written during his short
life (1862-1897). The sprightly 2nd movement, “Menuet Gothique” displays the eclectic tastes of
the time and the last 4th movement Toccata is a perpetual motion.

Holy Trinity Church Tours

Holy Trinity Church is one of the oldest church buildings in Thornhill and also, in York Region.
Built in 1830, it originally stood on Yonge Street at Royal Orchard until 1955 when it was
dismantled board by board and moved to its current location on Brooke Street. The interior of
the building provides a history of almost two centuries through its beautiful stained glass
windows, a legacy to so many who have worshipped in their presence.

Bodhi Meditation for Health for Life

A federally registered not-for-profit charity organization in Canada, Bodhi Meditation is the
distillation of wisdom and experience of Master JinBodhi through decades of self-cultivation.
Because of its effectiveness in improving health, in a short ten years it has quickly spread to
more than thirty countries and regions around the world. Millions have benefited from it.
In recognition of Bodhi Meditation’s outstanding contribution in improving health in their
communities, the City of Milpitas California in US and the City of Richmond, BC in Canada have
declared August 3 as Bodhi Meditation Day. The mayor of Milpitas, Rich Tran, commended
Bodhi Meditation Centre for “providing unprecedented contributions to the wellbeing of our
community in areas of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness”. Our Prime Minister
Justin Trudeau, local and provincial MPs have all sent their letters of congratulation to the
Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Centre on their Bodhi Meditation Day.

Energy Bagua - a Walking Meditation

A walking meditation of Bodhi Meditation practices, Energy Bagua is a quick and effective way
for achieving holistic health in our modern life. It is said that “walking Bagua every day, live to
age ninety nine”. It is a gentle form of exercise suitable for people with all kind of health
conditions, especially for those with weakened immune system and weak physical conditions.
Energy Bagua facilitates our connection with nature thereby channeling universal energy into
our life force. It can help to rapidly replenish our vital energy, strengthen our immune system,
maintain ideal weight, and improve circulation and many other chronic conditions. In addition,
it has the potential to prevent abnormal cells mutation. Regular practice can benefit both body
and mind leading to a long, healthy and happy life.
Vancouver Bodhi Meditation Centre, Milpitas Bodhi Meditation Centre (US) have hosted Energy
Bagua days with more than 1,000 participants. In Malaysia, Energy Bagua days easily draw over
3,000 participants each time.
Join us to experience the unique wonder of Energy Bagua! Health is certainly within reach! Call
Toronto Bodhi Meditation Centre at 647-812-0187, or visit our website Please follow
us on our Toronto Centre’s Facebook: